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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-1-22

Kansas-Sparks of the Tempest

Deep Purple-Love Child

James Gang-The Devil is Singing Our Song

***Concert-AllmanBrothers/New Years Eve/Warehouse***

Allman Brothers-Don’t Keep Me Wondering

Eric Clapton-Next Time You See Her

Argent-Time of the Season


Bachman Turner Overdrive-Not Fragile

Elvis Costello-Watching the Detectives

***Madcats-Dylan/Planet Waves***

Bob Dylan-Tough Mama

Emerson Lake & Palmer-The Sheriff

Focus-All Together That

David Bowie-Time

Hour 2


***Steven Wright-Ferris wheel & skiing***

Blue Oyster Cult-Heavy Metal (The Black & Silver)

Peter Schilling-Major Tom

Saga-Wind Him Up

Genesis-Me and Sarah Jane

Peter Gabriel-No Self Control

George Harrison-When We Was Fab

***Robin Williams-alcohol***

Dio-Holy Diver

The Hooters-Day by Day

The Call-The Walls Came Down

Dream Academy-Life in a Northern Town

David Gilmour-Blue Light

Rolling Stones-Slipping Away

***Steven Wright-Fred & Barney***

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