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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-21-23

Jeff Beck Group-Going Down

Stevie Wonder-Too High

Billy Joel-Zanzibar

Les McCann/Eddie Harris-Compared to What

***Concert-Jeff Back, ZZ Top***

Jeff Beck-Cause We’ve Ended as Lovers

ZZ Top-I Need You Tonight

T. Rex-The Motivator

Mott the Hoople-Jerkin’ Crocus

Atomic Rooster-The Price

Dave Mason-Headkeeper

Hour 2

***Budget Records-Yes, Eagles, ELP, George Carlin***

Yes-South Side of the Sky

Eagles-The Last Resort

***George Carlin-White Harlem***

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Hoedown (live)

Steely Dan-Don’t Take Me Alive

Warren Zevon-Lawyers, Guns, and Money

***Pulp Fiction clip***

World Party-Hollywood

Midnight Oil-Outbreak of Love

Pink Floyd-On the Turning Away

Queen-Now I’m Here

Bad Company-Kickdown

Van Halen-Humans Being

***George Carlin-backwards***

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