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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-22-22

ZZ Top-Got Me Under Pressure

Wishbone Ash-Ballad of the Beacon

Little Feat-Day or Night

Neil Young-Unkown Legend

Crosby Stills & Nash-Shadow Captain

***George Carlin-Weather***

Electric Light Orchestra-Rain is Falling

Peter Gabriel-Red Rain (live)

***Bob Robbins weather***

Hall & Oates-Lady Rain

Led Zeppelin-The Rain Song

Sting-Heavy Clouds (No Rain)

Queensryche-Another Rainy Night

Hour 2

***Steve Martin-Smoking***

Aerosmith-She’s on Fire

Al DiMeola-Kiss My Axe

Deep Purple-Ted the Mechanic


***Mx sweeper #4***

Sammy Hagar-3 Lock Box

Rush-Entre Nous

***Lily Tomlin-Obscene Phone Call***

Devo-Girl You Want

Thomas Dolby-Dissident

World Party-Way Down Now

Edwyn Collins-A Girl Like You

Michael Penn-No Myth

Spirit-Rougher Road

Warren Zevon-The French Inhaler

***Cheech y Chong-Trippin’ in Court (edit)***

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