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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-6-24

Rolling Stones-If You Can’t Rock Me

Lynyrd Skynyrd-Workin’ for MCA

Deep Purple-Lay Down, Stay Down

David Bowie-Time

Joni Mitchell-Court & Spark

James Gang-Standing in the Rain

***Robin Williams-Cocaine #1***

Rainbow-LA Connection

Robert Plant-Pink & Black


***National Lampoon-Gymnasty***

Old 97s-Jagged

Michael Penn-This & That

Traveling Wilburys-Last Night

10cc-Honeymoon with B Troop


Hour 2

***Orson Welles ad for “Tales…”***

Alan Parsons Project-Edgar

Red Rider-Light in the Tunnel/Human Race


Eric Clapton-Bad Love

Dixie Dregs-Country House Shuffle

***Jeanne’s Diner***

Suzanne Vega-No Cheap Thrill

Alarm-Sold Me Down the River

Agents of Good Fortune-Smiling Up the Frown

Jerry Cantrell-Cut You In

Psychedelic Furs-Pretty in Pink

Replacements-Can’t Hardly Wait

Church-Under the Milky Way

***Grizzard-Methodists & Baptists***

Some '73-'74 leftovers (which leads to a double dose of Blackmore), an outtake from the first Parsons album (and an Orson Welles-voiced ad for it), one of my favorite one hit wonders, and Suzanne Vega, as well as a Suzanne Vega song parody.

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