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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-7-23


Emerson Lake & Palmer-Tarkus

Thin Lizzy-Don’t Believe a Word

***Concert-Deep Purple & Fleetwood Mac***

Deep Purple-Highway Star (live)

Bruce Cockburn-World of Wonders (live)

Dixie Dregs-Divided We Stand (live)

Doobie Brothers-Minute by Minute (live)

Rush-Tom Sawyer (live)

Hour 2

***7-11 Walnut’s Mountain***

Tommy Bolin-Marching Powder

Dire Straits-Telegraph Road

Jeff Buckley-Dream Brother

U2-I Fall Down

***Stevens & Grdnic-Mr. Wizard***

Nils Lofgren-Beggars Day

Rory Gallagher-Bad Penny

Genesis-The Knife

Pink Floyd-Free Four

Queen-Doing All right

***Firesign Theater-Not in Sector 10***

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