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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 1-8-22

Stephen Stills-Right By You

James Taylor-Mud Slide Slim

Van Morrison-I’ve BeenWorking (live)

Moody Blues-Blue World

Supertramp-Lord is it Mine

Jackson Browne-In the Shape of a Heart

***Agnew not resigning***

Pete Townsend-Face the Face

Spliz Enz-Dirty Creature

***Firesign Theater-Stop Torturing Me, Ethel***

Red Rider-Lunatic Fringe

Todd Rundgren-Just One Victory

Tom Petty-Crawling Back to You

Hour 2

***Movie-Women in Cell Block 7***

Los Lobos-Down on the Riverbed

3rd Matinee-I Don’t Care

Adam Schmitt-Waiting to Shine

Matthew Sweet-Evangeline

Dan Fogelberg-Nexus

***Canadian Air Force-Old Dead Animal Skin House***

Steve Miller Band-My Own Space

Jethro Tull-Flying Dutchman

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band-Circles

Dave Mason-Mystic Traveler

Little River Band-Orbit Zero

Grateful Dead-When Push Comes to Shove

***Jeff Altman-butt steak***

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