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Flashback Tracks 10-17-20

Van Halen-Little Guitars

Thomas Dolby-Eastern Bloc

Steve Vai-Blue Powder

Eric Johnson-Trademark

Tommy Bolin-Smooth Fandango

Bachman-Turner Overdrive-Free Wheelin’

Roy Buchanan-I Won’t Tell You No Lies

CSN&Y-Love the One You’re With (live)

Cobham-Nickel s & Dimes


Hour 2

Deep Purple-You Fool No One

Dave Matthews Band-Fool to Think

Bela Fleck-Spunky & Clarissa

Notting Hillbillies-Your Own Sweet Way

Little Feat-Straight from the Heart

Ric Ocasek-Don’t Let Go

Little River Band-Mistress of Mine

Steve Miller Band-The Stake

Los Lobos-Down to the Riverbed

The Band-Stage Fright

Midnight Oil-The Dead Heart

Eagles-The Last Resort

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