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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 10-24-20

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

David Gilmour-Blue Light


Kansas-Miracles Out of Nowhere

Colin Hay-It’s a Mistake

Sammy Hagar-3 Lock Box


Crazy Horse-Gone Dead Train

Neil Young-Old Man (live)

Jefferson Airplane-Caroline

***Concert-Jethro Tull :30***

Jethro Tull-We Used to Know

Elton-Where to Now St. Peter

The Guess Who-Road Food

Grateful Dead-Estimated Prophet

Hour 2

***Movie-The Wild Party***

Led Zep-Wanton Song

Yes-The Calling

Lane-Not Again

Moody Blues-Blue World



Nazareth-Miss Misery



Soundgarden-Fell on Black Days

PJ-No Way

White Stripes-I Don’t Know What to do

Supertramp-Better Days

***Leary-My Kids***

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