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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 10-30-21

Joni Mitchell-Trouble Child/Twisted

Klaatu-Dog Star

Steve Miller Band-Electro Lux/Sacrifice

***Concert-Jeff Beck/ZZ Top***

Jeff Beck-Air Blower

ZZ Top-Asleep in the Desert/Avalon Hideaway

Los Lobos-The Neighborhood

***Commonwealth Theaters/Halloween***

Kinks-Full Moon

Manfred Mann's Earth Band-This Side of Paradise

Nils Lofgren-Steal Away

Dave Mason-Look at You, Look at Me

Midnight Oil-Drums of Heaven

Hour 2

***Festival of the Undead***

Steve Vai-The Crying Machine

Joe Satriani-Ice 9

Van Halen-Everybody Wants Some

Steve Morse Band-Vista Grande

Eric Johnson-Desert Rose

Santana-Breaking Out

***Royal Roller Rink/Halloween***

Robin Trower-Tear it Up

Procol Harum-Shine on Brightly

Guess Who-The Watcher

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Sledgehammer

Firm-All the King’s Horses

Bad Company-Shake it Up

Led Zeppelin-Tangerine

***Lewis Grizzard-Lone Ranger***

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