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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 10-31-20

Hour 1

Led Zeppelin-Hots on for Nowhere

George Harrison-Sue Me, Sue You Blues

McCartney/Wings-Get on the Right Thing

***Movie-Showdown & Sneak Preview***

Jimi Hendrix-Message to Love

Niles Lofgren-Code of the Road

***Carlin-Special dispensation***

McDonald/Fagen-Pretzel Logic

Jackson Browne-You Love the Thunder

Dire Straits-The Bug

***Movie-Panic in Needle Park***

David Bowie-Panic in Detroit

Lindsey Buckingham-Wrong

Todd Rundgren-Dust in the Wind

Hour 2

***Firesign-Everything You Know***




SRV-Texas Flood

Peter Frampton-You Know So Well

***Carlin-White Harlem***


Fleetwood Mac-Bright Fire

Rolling Stones-Fingerprint File

The Kinks-Life Goes On

Jeff Beck-Guitar Shop

***Carlin-Cute Little Farts***

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