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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 11-19-22

Jeff Beck-Space Boogie

Captain Beyond-Sufficiently Breathless

Captain Beefheart-Her Eyes are a Blue Million Miles

Tommy Bolin-Homeward Strut

Joni Mitchell-Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

McCartney & Wings-Jazz Street

***Alcohol warning/Tequila!***

Dave Mason-Feelin’ Alright/Pearly Queen

Blue Oyster Cult-Divine Wind

The Cars-All Mixed Up

Jackson Browne-Disco Apocalypse

Bela Fleck-Vix 9

Hour 2

***Monty Python-Executive Announcement***

David Bowie-Teenage Wildlife

Dan Fogelberg-Empty Cages

Peter Gabriel-Mercy Street

Pink Floyd-Pigs

***National Lampoon Listeners #2***

George Harrison-Devil’s Radio

Dixie Dregs-Travel Tunes

Jethro Tull-War Child

John Illsley-Red Turns to Blue

Phantom, Rocker & Slick-Men Without Shame


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