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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 12-12-20

John Mellencamp-Human Wheels


Nazareth-Born Under the Wrong Sign

Ian Moore-Muddy Jesus

Eric Johnson/Steve Vai/Joe Satriani-Red House

***PDQ Bach-Schleptet intro***

Pink Floyd-Pigs

Queen-Tenement /Flick/Lillly

Red Rider-Lunatic Fringe

Stephen Stills-Right By You

Hour 2

***Concert-Grand Funk***

Grand Funk-Into the Sun

Sting-Soul Cages

Styx-The Serpent is Rising

***Steve Martin-Vegas***

Al Stewart-Running Man

The Who-Baby Don’t You Do It

***Jeff Altman-The Power!***

John Kilzer-Hands

ELO-Getting to the Point

Hall &Oates-Every Time I See You

Seals &Crofts-Nine Houses

Rory Gallagher-Bad Penny

***Stephen Wright-Parking lot***

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