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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 12-2-23

Todd Rundgren’s Utopia-Utopia

Pink Floyd-High Hopes

Rush-La Villa Strangiato

***Concert-Styx @ Barton***

Styx-Born for Adventure

Spirit-Street Worm

Sutherland Brothers & Quiver-When the Train Comes

Santana-Song of the Wind

Ted Nugent-Queen of the Forest

Hour 2

***George Carlin-Suggestive ads***

Jackson Browne-Late for the Sky

Alphonse Mouzon/Tommy Bolin-Golden Rainbows

Robert Plant-Helen of Troy

Blue Oyster Cult-White Flags

Don Henley-Gimme What You Got

***Denis Leary-Fat***

Imperial Drag-Cross Eyed

Jellyfish-That is Why


Beck-Cold Brains

Jerry Harrison-Flying Under Radar

Kevin Gilbert-Staring into Nothing

***Steven Wright-Breakfast anytime***

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