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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 12-11 -21

Yes-Shock to the System

Paul Rodgers-Northwinds

Rush-Witch Hunt

***Monty Python-Constitutional Peasant***

Rainbow-Gates of Babylon

Uriah Heep-What Should Be Done

***Madcats-A Nice Pair***

Pink Floyd-Free Four

Black Sabbath-Snowblind

Rolling Stones-Loving Cup

Blue Oyster Cult-Vengeance

Red Rider-Cowboys in Hong Kong

Jeff Beck/Seal-Manic Depression

Hour 2

***Monty Python-Australian Table Wines***

Steely Dan-Your Gold Teeth II

Blood Sweat & Tears-Inner Crisis

Return to Forever-Majestic Dance

Joe Satriani-Always With Me, Always With You (live)

Adrian Belew-Heartbeat

Kate Bush-Running Up That Hill

***Vai sound effects***

Be Bop Deluxe-Kiss of Light/The Bird Charmers Destiny/The Gold at the End of My Rainbow

Atomic Rooster-Break the Ice

Captain Beyond-Everything is a Circle

Hot Tuna-Song from the Stainless Crystal

Tommy Bolin-Teaser

***Monty Python-Spanish Inquisition***

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