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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 2-11-23

Deep Purple-The Gypsy

Tommy Bolin-Gypsy Soul

Santana-Gypsy Woman

Captain Beyond-Frozen Over/Thousand Days of Yesterday

Rolling Stones-If You Can’t Rock Me

***Concert-Uriah Heep & Manfred Mann***

Uriah Heep-Tears in My Eyes

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band-The Mighty Quinn

Bad Company-Runnin’ With the Pack

Chick Corea’s Electric Band-Sidewalk

Bob Welch-Hypnotized

Hour 2

***Steve Martin-Diaphragm***

The Who-Love Ain’t for Keeping

Guess Who-Herbert’s a Loser

Nazareth-Broke Down Angel


***SRV speaks***

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Little Wing

Steve Vai-I Would Love To

***Dennis Miller-Jobs***

GTR- Jekyll & Hyde

Yes-City of Love

Genesis-The Lady Lies

Peter Gabriel-Steam

Shadowfax-The Firewalker

***Giggly Gordo***

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