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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 2-12-22

Genesis-Abacab (live)

Pink Floyd-Wish You Were Here (live)

Bad Company-Bad Company (live)

Kansas-Opus Insert

Bachman-Turner Overdrive-Givin’ it All Away

***The World Tomorrow promo***

Be Bop Deluxe-Between the Worlds

Deep Purple-Nobody’s Home

Dixie Dregs-Ice Cakes

Rory Gallagher-Shadow Play

Gary Hoey-Peace Pipe

Aquarium Rescue Unit-Splash

Hour 2

***Apollo 13 failure***

Crazy Horse-Gone Dead Train

Tommy Bolin-Lotus

AC/DC-Ride On

Atomic Rooster-Tomorrow Night

Gentle Giant-Why Not

Black Sabbath-Thrill of it All

***Buttload of Boots***

Replacements-Bent Out of Shape

Screaming Trees-Nearly Lost You

The Church-Fading Away

Jude Cole-Start the Car

Little Village-Take Another Look

Arc Angels-Sent by Angels

***WKRP-Johnny & Venus***

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