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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 2-20-21

Return to Forever-Hymn of the 7th Galaxy

Steve Vai-The Boy from Seattle

Frank Zappa-Apostrophe

Box of Frogs-Two Steps Ahead

Robin Trower-Shame

Was (NW)-What Up Dog

Arc Angels-Living in a Dream

Foo Fighters-Times Like These (acoustic)

Lindsey Buckingham-Doing What I Can

Tommy Bolin-Bustin’ Out for Rosey

Jeff Buckley-The Last Goodbye

David Bowie-The Jean Genie

Hour 2

***Cheech & Chong-Chebornik***

Peter Gabriel-Animal Magic

Spooky Tooth-I am the Walrus

What is This-I’ll Be Around

Todd Rundgren-Happenings


J.J. Cale-Cocaine

Camper Van Beethoven-Pictures of Matchstick Men


Bachman-Turner Overdrive-Rock is My Life

Jeff Beck-Behind the Veil

Donald Fagen-Snowbound

Chick Corea Akoustic Band-Hackensack

Return To Forever-Duel of the Jester & the Tyrant

***George Carlin-promotional announcement***

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