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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 2-27-21

The Who-Magic Bus (live)

U2-A Sort of Homecoming (live)

Yes-Going for the One

Trapeze-Your Love is Alright

Fleetwood Mac-Forever

***Atomic Rooster crazy intro***

Genesis-It’s Gonna Get Better

Nils Lofgren-Cry Tough

***Movie-Vanishing Point***

Foreigner-Rev on the Red Line

Guess Who-Lost and Found Town


Deep Purple-Burn

Hour 2

King Crimson-Heartbeat (live)

Rory Gallagher-Moonchild

Beck-Cold Brains

***Stevens & Grdnic-Disco offer***

Aerosmith-No More No More

David Bowie-Andy Warhol

Foghat-Terraplane Blues

***National Lampoon Liner #1***

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones-Vix 9

Derek & The Dominoes-Tell the Truth

Eric Johnson-East Wes

Led Zep-In My Time of Dying

***Steve Martin-Closing***

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