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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 3-11-23

Weather Report-Birdland

Dan Fogelberg-Tucson, Arizona

Fixx-Facing the Wind

***National Lampoon-Squalor Show***

Dixie Dregs-Take it Off the Top

King Crimson-Fallen Angel

***National Lampoon liner #1***

Blue Oyster Cult-Spy in the House of the Night

Doobie Brothers-Livin’ on the Fault Line

***Stevens & Grdnic-Disc o offer***

Grateful Dead-Hell in a Bucket

Who-Baby Don’t You Do It

Guess Who-All Hashed Out

Hour 2

***Concert-Humble Pie***

Humble Pie-Shine On

Yes-It Can Really Happen

Goo Goo Dolls-Slide

Rush-Turn the Page

Pink Floyd-Childhood’s End

Jerry Harrison-Facing the Fire

***Firesign Theater-My name’s Adolph***

Nazareth-Carry Out Feelings

Led Zeppelin-In the Light

Peter Himmelman-You Know Me Better Than I Do

Human Radio-I Don’t Wanna Know

Weather Report-Sightseeing

***Firesign Theaters-Babes in Khaki***

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