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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 3-13-21

BMFT 3-13-21

Uriah Heep-Look at Yourself

Leafhound-With a Minute to Go

Atomic Rooster-Devil’s Answer

***Firesign-Bozo crossing #42***

Crosby Stills Nash & Young-Pre-Road Downs (live)

Led Zeppelin-4 Sticks

Todd Rundgren-Parole

***Sugarloaf in concert***

Sugarloaf-Tongue in Cheek

Yes-Yours is No Disgrace

***Carlin-Sex in commercials***

Paul McCartney-Ram On

David Bowie-Life on Mars

10 Years After-Once There Was a Time

Hour 2

***Cheech & Chong-Wink Dinkerson***

Who-Pure & Easy

Pink Floyd-One of These Days

Emerson Lake & Palmer -Tarkus

Guess Who-/Fiddlin’/ Pain Train

Genesis-7 Stones

War-Nappy Head

James Taylor-Machine Gun Kelly

Traffic-Many a Mile to Freedom

***Firesign #43-gravity***

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