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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 3-5-22

Procol Harum-As Strong as Samson

Alan Parsons Project-Limelight

Psychedlic Furs-President Gas

***Bob & Doug McKenzie-flip the album***

Pink Floyd-Dogs of War

Poco-How Many Moons

***Cheech y Chong-Coming Attractions***

Joe Satriani-Satch Boogie (live)

Police-Message in a Bottle

Queen-Great King Rat

***Mx sweeper #16***

Tubes-Mr. Hate

Screaming Trees-New Day Yesterday

Eric Johnson-Manhattan

Hour 2

***Stevens & Grdnic-Marijuana Helper***

Todd Rundgren-Black Maria

Al Stewart-Night Meeting

Styx-Mother Dear

***George Carlin-A Few More Farts***

Traffic-Empty Pages

Toto-English Eyes

***Firesign Theater-Dr. Whiplash***

Talking Heads-Wild Wild Life

Matthew Sweet-Walk Out

Soul Asylum-Somebody to Shove

Joe Jackson-It’s Different for Girls

Toy Matinee-Ballad of Jenny Ledge

Alan Parsons Project-May Be a Price to Pay

***KAAY drug line***

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