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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-10-21


Guess Who-Power in the Music

Captain Beyond-I Can’t Feel Nothin’ (sequence)

Deep Purple-Demons’ Eye

***Monty Python-Castle encounter***

Joe Satriani-Cool #9

Billy Cobham-East Bay

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Tin Pan Alley

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Tocatta

Hour 2

***John Cleese-The Last Supper***

Pink Floyd-Sheep

Rush-La Villa Strangiato

Traffic-Far From Home

***Concert-Wishbone Ash & ZZ Top***

Wishbone Ash-The Pilgrim

ZZ Top-What’s Up With That

Bela Fleck & The Flecktones-Magic Fingers

Genesis-In the Cage

***Steven Wright-Parking ticket***

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