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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-24-21

Poco-Anyway Bye Bye

Poco-Sagebrush Serenade

Guy Clark-Desperados Waiting on a Train

***Concert-Allmans & Marshall Tucker***

Allman Brothers-Wasted Words

Marshall Tucker Band-Bound & Determined

***Dakota Jam-Jeff Beck/Fleetwood Mac***

Beck/Hammer-Return to Earth

Fleetwood Mac-Lay it All Down

Alphonse Mouzon-Golden Rainbows

James Gang-Got No Time for Trouble

Shawn Lane-West Side Boogie

Hour 2

***Cheech & Chong-Waiting for Dave***

Rainbow-Long Live Rock ‘n Roll

Deep Purple-Flight of the Rat

Atomic Rooster-Breakthrough

***Concert-Humble Pie & Lee Michaels***

Humble Pie-Live With Me

Lee Michaels-Who Could Want More

***Denis Leary-CDs***

Who-The Real Me/Quadrophenia

Planet P-Why Me

Replacements-We’ll Inherit the Earth

Michael Penn-This & That

Yes- Lift Me Up

***George Carlin-AMA announcement***

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