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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-29-23

Arc Angels-Sent By Angels

Aquarium Rescue Unit-Search Yourself

Alarm-Black Sun


Art of Noise-Peter Gunn

***National Lampoon liner #1***

Tommy Bolin-Shake the Devil

Jeff Beck-Savoy

Bad Company-Can’t Get Enough


Blur-Song 2

Adrian Belew-Heartbeat

Jeff Buckley-Eternal Life

Hour 2

***George Carlin-Toledo Window Box***

The Call-The Walls Came Down

Charlatans-Just Lookin’

Jude Cole-Start the Car


Jerry Cantrell-Give it a Name

Edwyn Collins-A Girl Like You

***Tom Dreeson-Black audiences***

Dio-Rock and Roll Children

Deep Purple-You Fool No One

Doobie Brothers-Long Train Runnin’ (live)

Al DiMeola-God Bird Change

Dire Straits-In the Gallery

Dada-Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

***Steven Wright-Humidifier***

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