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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 4-30-22

Ric Ocasek-Balance

Steve Morse Band-Southern Steel


***George Carlin-A Place for My Stuff***

Eric Johnson-Righteous

Jethro Tull-Cold Wind to Valhalla

Dave Mason-World in Changes

***Firesign #9-World spinning***

King Crimson-One More Red Night

Philosopher Kings-Turn My Head Around

Thin Lizzy-Waiting for an Alibi

Spooky Tooth-That Was Only Yesterday

Rush-Manhattan Project

Led Zeppelin-Bring it on Home

Hour 2

***Monty Python-Dead Monkeys***

‘80s semi-hits

Peter Frampton-Lying

Stephen Stills-Stranger

John Fogerty-Eye of the Zombie

Genesis-Taking it All too Hard

The Psychedelic Furs-The Ghost in You

Midnight Oil-The Dead Heart

Queen-I Want it All

Randy Newman/Mark Knopfler-It’s Money That Matters

***KAAY Money winner***

Human Radio-My First Million

Drivin’ ‘n Cryin’-To Build a Fire

School of Fish-Jump Off the World

Stu Hamm-Lone Star

Little Feat-Long Time ‘til I Get Over You

***Steven Wright-Breakfast anytime***

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