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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 5-15-21

Robin Trower-Day of the Eagle

Dan Fogelberg-Gone Too Far

Alan Parsons Project-Stereotomy

***Monty Python-Interlude #2***


Aerosmith-Seasons of Wither


Blue Oyster Cult-Spy in the House of the Night

J. Geils Band-Sanctuary

Bruce Cockburn-World of Wonders

Cars-All Mixed Up

Marc Bonilla-Mannequin Highway

Tommy Bolin-Shake the Devil


Hour 2

***Monty Python-I Bet You They Won’t***

ELO-So Serious

Dio-Rock and Roll Children

Deep Purple-Hush

The Firm-Free to Live

Jackson Browne-Disco Apocalypse

The Fixx-Make No Plans

***National Lampoon-Humpback Whales***

Dixie Dregs-Travel Tunes

America-Cornwall Blank

***Stewart & Wood***

Faces-Bad ‘n Ruin

Doobie Brothers-Osborne

Eagles-Doolin Dalton/Desperado

Procol Harum-Simple Sister

***Jeff Altman-butt steak***

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