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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 6-18-22

Led Zeppelin-The Rover

Butts Band-Feelin’ So Bad

McCartney & Wings-Get on the Right Thing

Peter Frampton-Breaking All the Rules

Procol Harum-The Idol


Santana-Stone Flower

Kansas-Magnum Opus

Allman Brothers-Pegasus

Poco-One Horse Blue

Ted Nugent-Queen of the Forest

Hour 2

***Steven Wright-Walking dog***

GTR-Hackett to Bits/Imagining

Little River Band-No Reins on Me

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band-Demolition Man

Pete Townshend-Crashing By Design

Rush-Force Ten

Rolling Stones-Almost Hear You Sigh

Ian Moore-Muddy Jesus

David Gilmour-Raise My Rent

Nazareth-Miss Misery

Doobie Brothers-Daughters of the Sea/Flying Cloud

Eric Johnson-High Landrons

***Steven Wright-24 hour store***

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