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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 6-25-22

Jeff Beck-Star Cycle


Aerosmith-Movin’ Out

Atomic Rooster-Can’t Take No More

Deep Purple-What’s Going on Here

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Life Without You

***Steve Martin-Cat bath***

Dixie Dregs-Kat Food

J. Geils Band-Monkey Island

Todd Rundgren-International Feel/Never Never Land/Tic Tic Tic It Wears Off

Tubes-I Want it All Now

Jude Cole-It Comes Around

Hour 2

***Movie-Detroit 9000***

David Bowie-Panic in Detroit

John Patitucci-Scophile

King’s X-Life Going By

***Saturday Night Live-Speed***

Camper Van Beethoven-Pictures of Matchstick Men

The Church-Under the Milky Way

***Concert-Chicago @ Barton Coliseum***


Billy Cobham-Ivory Tattoo

Guess Who-So Long Bannatyne

George Harrison-Sue Me, Sue You Blues

Mott the Hoople-Drivin’ Sister

Fleetwood Mac-Come a Little Bit Closer

***Monty Python-Last Word***

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