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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-1-23

Nazareth-Born Under the Wrong Sign

Stills-Young Band-Guardian Angel

Supertramp-Easy Does It/Sister Moonshine

T. Rex-The Slider

David Bowie-Life on Mars?

Atomic Rooster-Break the Ice

***George Carlin-Smut***

Jeff Beck-Star Cycle

Red Rockers-China

Peter Frampton-Stop

Pretenders-Light of the Moon

Lou Gramm-Midnight Blue

Soul Asylum-Somebody to Shove

Hour 2

***Stevens & Grdnic-Weather***

Jellyfish-She Still Loves Him

Gary Hoey-Bug Alley

Hindu Love Gods-Battleship Chains

***Denis Leary-Crack***

Midnight Oil-Drums of Heaven


Ocean Blue-Between Something and Nothing

Jethro Tull-Flying Dutchman

Procol Harum-Toujours L’Amour


Guess Who-Straighten Out

Klaatu-Anus from Uranus

Dire Straits-Ride Across the River

***Firesign-Land of the Pharoahs***

We rarely hear anything from the Stills-Young album, except for "Long May You Run". After Crosby and Nash were dropped from the participation of this album (Stephen and Neil were apparently peeved that Graham and David went to finish their duo album, so they erased their vocals), the two main participants thought they'd carry on and try to recapture some of the Buffalo Springfield spirit. I don't know that they did that. Always a pleasure to share some Atomic Rooster, and in a completely different direction, Hindu Love Gods, with Warren Zevon and the three guys in R.E.M. not named Michael Stipe. "Life on Mars" is a Bowie favorite of Rick Wakeman (he plays on it), the Frampton song is from the underperforming "Premonition" album out of '86 (HOW did that not sell more than it did?), and yes, I'm playing a hit, with Lou Gramm's 1987 solo top 10 entry "Midnight Blue". Because I LOVE it! Hope you enjoy.

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