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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-16-22

Bad Company-Evil Wind

Randy Bachman-I Am a Star

Be Bop Deluxe-Music in Dreamland

Jeff Beck-Brush With the Blues

Tommy Bolin/Alphonse Mouzon-Golden Rainbows

***Concert-Yes @ Barton Coliseum***

Yes-Machine Messiah

Rolling Stones-Fingerprint File

Richard Wright-Summer Elegy

Joe Jackson-Right or Wrong

Hour 2

***Monty Python-Castle Encounter***

Sting-The Soul Cages

Alarm-Rain in the Summertime

U2-Last Night on Earth

Posies-Somehow Everything

Replacements-Someone Take the Wheel


***Firesign #40-Time machine***

Doobie Brothers-Greenwood Creek

Jackson Browne-Late for the Sky

Lindsay Buckingham-Countdown

Box of Frogs-Back Where I Started From

Eric Clapton-Peaches & Diesel

Pink Floyd-One of These Days

***Firesign #44-The church***

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