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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-22-23

Yes-Dear Father

Youngbloods-All My Dreams Blue

Crosby Stills & Nash-49 Bye Byes

Neil Young-Old Man (live)

Traffic-Pearly Queen

Blood Sweat & Tears-Smiling Phases

***Cheech y Chong-Acapulco Gold***

Jimi Hendrix/Band of Gypsys-Message to Love

Doors-Soul Kitchen (live)

Led Zeppelin-Tangerine

Guess Who-6 a.m. or Nearer

Jethro Tull-A New Day Yesterday

Harry Nilsson-Yellow Man

Hour 2

***Concert-Grand Funk & Eric Burdon***

Grand Funk-Into the Sun

Atomic Rooster-Friday the 13th

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Living Sin

***Concert-Deep Purple/Fleetwood Mac***

Fleetwood Mac-The Green Manalishi

Deep Purple-No One Came

***George Carlin-Suggestive ads***

Black Sabbath-Wicked World

3 Dog Night-Fire Eater

Captain Beyond-Voyages of Past Travelers/Everything’s a Circle

Uriah Heep-I Wanna Be Free

James Gang-Things I Should Be

Leaf Hound-Sawdust Caesar

***Firesign-Nick Danger #6***

Stuck in the WAY, WAY back machine this week! I don't know, the first few songs I picked out were all about '69 to '72, and after I made that observation, I just ran with it. For both programs! The opening Yes cut is a really early entry, and was available as a b-side only for a few years. Of course, if I'm stuck in the early '70s, I have to get in some Captain Beyond and Atomic Rooster. Also the rare appearance of Harry Nilsson covering Randy Newman, Fleetwood Mac in the Peter Green years, Hendrix and The Doors in concert, not long before both vanished, and some Crosby Stills & Nash. And Young. Ah, and a 3 Dog Night instrumental. Enjoy!

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