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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-3-21

Blood Sweat & Tears-Just One Smile

Al Kooper/Stephen Stills-You Don’t Love Me

Yes-Looking Around

Small Faces-Donkey Riders, A Penny, A Glass

Traffic-Pearly Queen

***George Harrison on surviving Beatles***

Beatles-You Never Give Me Your Money

Rolling Stones-The Lantern

***Spirit album promo***

Spirit-Topanga Windows

Deep Purple-Shield

Crosby Stills & Nash-Everybody’s Talkin’

Fleetwood Mac-The Man of the World

Yardbirds-Train Kept a-Rollin’

Led Zeppelin-How Many More Times

Hour 2

***Carlin-Goofy shit***

Jimi Hendrix-Power of Love

Pink Floyd-Burning Bridges

Genesis-Dance on a Volcano

Procol Harum-About to Die

Trapeze-Touch My Life

Joni Mitchell-Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow

***Carlin-Words not said before***

Rush-Working Man

Who-Gettin’ in Tune

Aerosmith-Make It

Guess Who-Comin’ Down Off the Money Bag/Song of the Dog

Rory Gallagher-Bought & Sold

Alice Cooper-Escape

***Cheech y Chong-Acapulco Gold***

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