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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 7-9-22

Rainbow-LA Connection

Kansas-Song for America (live)


Joe Satriani-Flying in a Blue Dream

Van Halen-Little Guitars


Alan Parsons Project-Money Talks

Steely Dan-Turn That Heartbeat Over Again


Toto-Manuela Run

Robin Trower-I Can’t Stand It

J. Geils Band-Piss on the Wall

Hour 2

***Robin Williams-Tanks, Boys***

Ric Ocasek-Rockaway

Dire Straits-It Never Rains

10 Years After-I’ve Been There Too

Rush-Leave That Thing Alone

Saga-Once is Never Enough

Spent Poets-Mr. Einstein

Summercamp-The Bright Side

Slider-Can’t Get Any Worse

This Perfect Day-Could’ve Been Friends

Bash & Pop-Never Aim to Please/Friday Night is Killing Me

Dave Matthews Band-#41

***Denis Leary-Bikes in New York***

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