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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-12-23

Elton John-Where to Now, St. Peter

Manfred Mann’s Earth Band-Waiter, There’s a Yawn in My Ear

Steve Miller Band-My Dark Hour

***Concert-Hot Rock III in Iowa***

Kansas-Child of Innocence (live)

Kinks-Life Goes On

Led Zeppelin-Down by the Seaside

David Bowie-Velvet Goldmine

Deep Purple-Hush

GTR-Hackett to Bits/Imagining

Bruce Hornsby & The Range-Jacob’s Ladder

Shawn Lane-Illusions

Hour 2

***Little Toot***

Los Lobos-Wicked Rain


Collective Soul-The World I Know

Camper Van Beethoven-Borderline

Bruce Cockburn-To Raise a Morning Star

Church-Fading Away

Donald Fagen-Tomorrow’s Girls

Paul McCartney-The World Tonight

Dire Straits-The Bug

Dixie Dregs-Good Intentions

Paul Simon-The Obvious Child

Thomas Dolby-Eastern Bloc

***Steven Wright-Bowling***

I'll add a few notes this week, since I skipped doing that last week, as I was in a bit of a hurry in getting out of town for a couple of days. I don't know how it escaped me for so many years that Steve Miller had come up with the blueprint for "Fly Like an Eagle" with his 1969 song "My Dark Hour", but he did. And he has McCartney playing on it! Speaking of which, segment four has one of my McCartney favorites, as well as several other songs from the '90s which come from bands and singers not known for their '90s output. Also got favorites from Cockburn, Camper, and The Church, as well as the ORIGINAL "Jacob's Ladder", a #1 hit for Huey Lewis in 1987, but originally written and recorded by Bruce Hornsby the previous year. And from Manfred Mann, one of my all time favorite song titles. As always, hope you enjoy!

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