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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-13-22

Dire Straits-Calling Elvis

Human Radio-Me & Elvis

Chalk Farm-When Something Becomes Nothing

The Fixx-Ocean Blue

Thomas Dolby-Eastern Bloc

***National Lampoon-Mr. Roberts #2***

Bad Company-Hey Joe

Dixie Dregs-Kashmir

Ian Matthews-7 Bridges Road

***Jim Capaldi intro***

Blood Sweat & Tears-40,000 Headmen


Uncle Festive-Jessica

Mott the Hoople-Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Hour 2

***Lily Tomlin-Babies***

Robin Trower-Little Bit of Sympathy

Mike Pinera-Isla


Rush-The Pass

Todd Rundgren-The Want of a Nail

***Movie-Toy Box***

Sting-St. Augustine in Hell

Pink Floyd-High Hopes

Deep Purple-You Keep on Moving

Nazareth-Beggars Day/Rose in the Heather

Fleetwood Mac-Coming Your Way

***Firesign Theater-Nick Danger #4 & #5***

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