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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-19-23

The Band-Chest Fever

Robbie Robertson-Showdown at Big Sky

Rush-Xanadu (live)

Abraxas Pool-Cruzin’

***Jeff Altman-Lick the dog***

Saga-Wind Him Up


Tin Machine-Heaven in Here

Robin Trower-Shame the Devil

Procol Harum-Pandora’s Box

Talking Heads-Wild Wild Life

Hour 2

***Monty Python-Are You Embarrased***

Sting-King of Pain (live)

Adam Schmitt-Three Faces West

Matthew Sweet-Where You Get Love

Spent Poets-Mr. Einstein

Joe Satriani-Time Machine

Soup Dragons-Divine Thing

Screaming Trees-Nearly Lost You

***National Lampoon-Mr. Roberts #1***

10cc-Life is a Minestrone

10 Years After-Let the Sky Fall

Be Bop Deluxe-Music in Dreamland

Pete Townsend-White City Fighting

***Firesign #42-Bozo crossing***

Opening with my favorite from The Band, and among my favorites from the first Robbie Robertson solo album. Also, very rarely heard tunes from Abraxas Pool - most of the Santana band from the "Abraxas" period, who put out one hugely ignored album in 1997 - and The Spent Poets, who, like Abraxas Pool, put out one hugely ignored album, except in THEIR case, no one had ever heard of them otherwise. Or possibly since. Speaking of ignored, that also describes Adam Schmitt, who came out with an album in '93 that I swiped from Magic 105 (thank you, Magic 105), and "Three Faces West" is my favorite cut from that album. As you can probably tell, I got stuck in the "S" category in segment three (Sting, Schmitt, Sweet, Spent Poets, Satriani, Soup Dragons, Screaming Trees), and definitely check out the bit from National Lampoon, featuring Bill Murray and Christopher Guest. Absorb and enjoy!

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