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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-27-22

Trapeze-Black Cloud

Leafhound-Sad Road to the Sea

Led Zeppelin-In the Evening

***Joe Walsh-The Smoker You Drink ***

Joe Walsh-Days Gone By

James Gang-Ride the Wind

***Kansas-Masque dialogue***


Joe Jackson-Sunday Papers

***Concert-Humble Pie & Yes***

Humble Pie-I’m Ready

Yes-Looking Around

Journey-Look into the Future

Hour 2

***Firesign Theater #11-George’s tips***

Alan Parsons Project-Can’t Take it With You

Shawn Lane-Not Again

King Crimson-Indiscipline

U2-Until the End of the World

Toy Matinee-Turn it on Salvador/Things She Said

***Monty Python-Argument Clinic***

The Clash-London Calling

ZZ Top-Manic Mechanic

Pink Floyd-The Gold

Neil Young-War of Man

R.E.M.-How the West was Won

Bodeans-Good Things

***Monty Python-Folks songs from the Spanish Inquisition***

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