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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 8-7-21

Waterboys-Glastonbury Song

Crazy Horse-Downhill

Neil Young-Old Man (live)

Zevon-Detox Mansion

David Gilmour-All Lovers are Deranged

Richard Wright-Holiday

***Atomic Rooster intro***

Van Halen-Hang ‘em High

GTR-Jekyll & Hyde

Peter Himmelman-Flown This Acid World


Deep Purple-Under the Gun

Blue Oyster Cult-Perfect Water

Hour 2

***MTV Mark Goodwin***

Schon/Hammer-No More Lies

Eddie Grant-Electric Avenue

Red Rockers-China

Big Country-In a Big Country

***MTV Theme***

Psychedelic Furs-Love My Way

Fixx-Saved by Zero

Men at Work-Be Good Johnny

Wall of Voodoo-Lost Weekend

***Steve Martin-Diaphragm***

Queensryche-Jet City Woman

Queen-March of the Black Queen

Queens of the Stone Age-God is in the Radio

Toy Matinee-Queen of Misery

***Checking for weapons***

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