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Barry Mac's Flashback Tracks 9-9-23

Stevie Ray Vaughan-Cold Shot (live)

James Gang-Tend My Garden/Garden Gate

Tommy Bolin-Bustin’ Out for Rosey

Whitesnake-Slide it In

Deep Purple-Nobody’s Home

Trapeze-Makes You Wanna Cry

***Concert-Guess Who & Blue Oyster Cult***

The Guess Who-The Watcher

Blue Oyster Cult-Mistress of the Salmon Salt

Little Feat-Fool Yourself

Rory Gallagher-A Million Miles Away

Robin Trower-Twice Removed from Yesterday

McCartney & Wings-The Mess

Hour 2

***Denis Leary-kids***

Colin Hay-Down Under

Paul Weller-Wildwood


Porno for Pyros-Pets

Ned’s Atomic Dustbin-Your Only Joke

Soul Asylum-Keep it Up

Goo Goo Dolls-Better Days

Slider-Can’t Get Any Worse

***Chris Rock-platonic zone***

Psychedelic Furs-No Easy Street

Replacements-Asking Me Lies

3rd Matinee-I Don’t Care

Jeff Beck w/Seal-Manic Depression

Jackson Browne-Sky Blue & Black

***Steven Wright-Cab @ the drive-in***

The first segment, after SRV, connects the dots between The James Gang, Tommy Bolin (also James Gang), Whitesnake (which had Jon Lord), Deep Purple (which had Jon Lord and LATER Tommy Bolin), and Trapeze (lead guitarist Mel Galley is on the Whitesnake song, while bassist Glenn Hughes left Trapeze to join Deep Purple). Also have a "leftover" 1973 section - songs that didn't make the cut for last week's all '73 show - and a batch of '90s and early 2000s stuff. And one of my favorites from Jackson Browne. Hope you listen through and enjoy!

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