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Tin Can Alley 1-30-21

Diamond-You Got to Me

Doors-People are Strange

Bee Gees-Tomorrow Tomorrow

Beach Boys-Do it Again

***PSA-Robert Ryan***

Friends of Distinction-Love or Let Me Be Lonely

Al Green-I’m Still in Love in Love With You

***Washington Window-Ray Davis Anti-War movement 1972***

Gallery-I Believe in Music

Kim-Rock Me Gently

***Movie-American Graffiti***

Derringer-Rock ‘n Roll Hoochie Coo


***Sonny Martin alarm clock/Wayne Moss clock winner***

LeBlanc & Carr-Falling

John Stewart-Midnight Wind

***Ray Toyota***

Jackson Browne-Boulevard

Eric Clapton-I Can’t Stand It

Marvin Gaye-Sexual Healing

***Firesign #15-Pixmission***

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