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Tin Can Alley 2-13-21

Grass Roots-Let’s Live for Today

Donovan-Fat Angel

Animals-When I Was Young

Box Tops-Soul Deep

***JC Penney***

Supremes-Nathan Jones

Donnie Elbert-Where Did Our Love Go

***AMC Levis/Gremlin***

Jonathan Edwards-Sunshine

Albert Hammond-It Never Rains in Southern California

***Concert-Preston/Graham Central Station***

Billy Preston-Blackbird

Graham Central Station-The Jam

***Wolfman on American Bandstand***

Guess Who-Clap for the Wolfman

J. Geils Band-One Last Kiss

***George Lindsey’s Steak House***

Genesis-No Reply at All

Eddie Money-Shakin’

Donald Fagen-IGY


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