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Tin Can Alley 2-20-21

Otis Redding-Respect

Aretha Franklin-The Weight

William Bell-I Want to be Your Lover

***Benafield Motors***

Ann Peebles-I’m Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down

Wilson Pickett-Mama Told Me

***Movie-Charlotte’s Web/Willy Wonka***

Carole King-Tapestry

Jim Croce-Operator

***Gwatney Chevrolet***

War-Me & Baby Brother

***Tantarro Ski Slope***

4 Tops-I Just Can’t Get You Out of My Mind

Doobie Brothers-It Keeps You Runnin’

***Strum & Hum ***

Crosby Stills &Nash-Just a Song Before I Go

Billy Joel-Get it Right the First Time

***Harry Brace-Karate Day***

Rockets-Oh Well

Santana-She’s Not There

Rod Stewart-You’re in My Heart

***Firesign #32-Bozo #2***

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