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Tin Can Alley 2-5-22

Hollies-Long Cool Woman


Billy Preston-I Wrote a Simple Song

Jethro Tull-Living in the Past

***K-tel ’72***

Elvis Presley-Burning Love

Chi-Lites-Oh Girl

JacksonBrowne-Doctor My Eyes


Raspberries-Go All the Way

Addrisi Brothers-We’ve Got to Get it on Again


Osmonds-Down by the Lazy River

Al Green-Look What You Done for Me

***KAAY review of ’72***

Neil Young-Old Man

Crosby + Nash-Immigration Man

Emerson Lake & Palmer-From the Beginning

Loggins & Messina-Your Mama Don’t Dance

Hour 2

***Grand Funk-Greatest Hits/Capital Records***

Grand Funk-Footstompin’ Music

Jackson 5-Corner of the Sky

Jo Jo Gunne-Run Run Run

Mouth & McNeal-How Do You Do

Daniel Boone-Beautiful Sunday

***Moses-Gary Glitter***

Garry Glitter-Rock ‘n Roll, Part 2

Argent-Hold Your Head Up

Chi Coltrane-Thunder & Lightning

***PSA-Anti-drug/Wolfman Jack***

Todd Rundgren-Wolfman Jack

Blood Sweat & Tears-I Can’t Move No Mountain

Rascals-Saga of New York

***Movie-Jeremiah Johnson***

Bob Seger-Heavy Music

Elton John-Slave

Paul Simon-Duncan

Guess Who-Heartbroken Bopper (end!)

***1972 Home Show***

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