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Tin Can Alley 2-6-21

Mamas &Papas-Dancing in the Streets

Sly & The Family Stone-M’Lady

Turtles-Buzz Saw

Monkees-Goin’ Down

***Pop-a-Top Liquor***

Guess Who-Runnin’ Down the Street

Python Lee Jackson-In a Broken Dream

***PSA-Travelin’ Arkansas/Winter fishin’***

Carole King-Smackwater Jack

Dave Mason-Bring it on Home to Me

***Shoney’s ad ***

Stories-I’m Coming Home

Kristofferson/Coolidge-Loving Arms

***Movie-Fist of Fury & Chinese Connection***


Isley Brothers-Harvest for the World

***Madcats-Captain Fantastic***

Elton John-House of Cards

America-Woman Tonight

Gordon Lightfoot-Cold on the Shoulder

***Kermit Schafer-Anchorage***

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