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Tin Can Alley 3-11-23

Neil Diamond-You Got to Me

Kinks-A Well Respected Man

Grass Roots-Midnight Confession

***KAAY St. Patrick’s Day giveaway***

Young Rascals-Ain’t Gonna Eat My Heart Out Anymore

Yardbirds-For Your Love

Mason Williams-Classical Gas

***Bale Chevrolet/Vega***


Supremes-Up the Ladder to the Roof

Brooke Benton-Another Rainy Night in Georgia

***Harlem Globetrotters @ Barton Coliseum 1973***

Rick Springfield-Speak to the Sky

Sam Neely-Lovin’ You Just Crossed My Mind

***Wal Mart grand openings***

Paul McCartney-Too Many People

Spinners-It’s a Shame


Curtis Mayfield-Superfly

Tower of Power-Clean Slate

Poco-I Can See Everything

Hour 2

***Ringo recitation**

Ringo Starr-Oh My My

George Harrison-Don’t Let Me Wait Too Long

Bobby Womack-Lookin’ for a Love

Aretha Franklin-I’m in Love

J. Geils Band-Must of Got Lost

***Concert-Atlanta Rhythm Section @ Nichols State***

ARS-Free Spirit

John Lennon-#9 Dream

***Concert-Lynyrd Skynyrd***

Lynyrd Skynyrd-I Know a Little

Boz Scaggs-Hard Times

Moody Blues-The Voice

Vapors-Turning Japanese

Loggins/Perry-Don’t Fight It

Phil Collins-I Missed Again

Carole King/James Taylor-You’ve Got a Friend

***Hollywood Squares-My Friend Flicka***

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