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Tin Can Alley 3-20-21

Beatles-You Can’t Do That

Rolling Stones-It’s All Over Now

Sam & Dave-I Thank You

Smith-Baby It’s You

***Focus on Newsmakers-Hubert H. Humphrey***

Carpenters-For All We Know

Staple Singers-Respect Yourself

***Jim Benton Supper Club***

Tower of Power-Down to the Nightclub

America-Ventura Highway

***Bill Edwards @ Arkansas Yamaha***

Impressions-Finally Got Myself Together

Bachman Turner Overdrive-Hey You

***Beer Garden Theater***


***KAAY contest Crescent Hotel***

Grover Washington, Jr. w/Bill Withers-Just the Two of Us

Paul Simon-One Trick Pony

Cliff Richard-Dreaming

Gary Wright-Really Wanna Know You

***Kermit Shaffer blooper-China farting***

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