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Tin Can Alley 5-1-21

Jose Feliciano-Light My Fire

Guess Who-No Time

Simon & Garfunkel-America

Brooklyn Bridge-The Worst That Could Happen

***PSA-March of Dimes-Betsey Palmer***

Bill Withers-Ain’t No Sunshine

NeilDiamond-Cracklin’ Rosie

***Concert-BJ Thomas***

BJ Thomas-No Love at All

Chicago-Wishing You Were Here

War-Low Rider

***Movie-Lady Ice***

Cat Stevens-The Hurt

Carly Simon-Haven’t Got Time for the Pain

Steely Dan-Black Friday

***SOB Restaurant***

Pete Townsend-Let My Love Open the Door

Chilliwack-Gone Gone Gone

Genesis-Follow You, Follow Me

***Firesign #1-Smegma***

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