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Tin Can Alley 5-28-22

Yardbirds-Little Games

Byrds-It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue

Youngbloods-Grizzly Bear

Lovin’ Spoonful-Didn’t Want to Have to Do It

***Troggs spot***

Troggs-I Can Only Give You Everything

Neil Diamond-Two Bit Manchild

***Bob Robbins/write and win contest***

John Kongos-He’s Gonna Step on You Again

America-Everyone I Meet is From California

Blues Image-Pay My Dues

***Bob Robbins @ Antonio’s***

Guess Who-Arrivederci Girl

Bread-Too Much Love

***Rare Earth LP @ Madcats, Moses, Discount Records***

Rare Earth-Good Time Sally

Jim Croce-Roller Derby Queen

***Bob Robbins @ George Lindsey’s***

Ronnie Dyson-Just Don’t Want to Be Lonely

Bill Withers-The Same Love That Made Me Laugh

Emerson Lake & Palmer-Lucky Man

Hour 2

***Bob Robbins & Bill Edwards blooping***

Tower of Power-This Time It’s Real

Python Lee Jackson-In a Broken Dream

Glen Campbell-Highwayman

B.B. King-Chains and Things

Elton John-Cold Highway

***Concert-ZZ Top***

ZZ Top-It’s Only Love

Rolling Stones-Far Away Eyes

***Little Barn-Bob Robbins & Heavy George***

Stevie Wonder-Too High

ELO-Ma Ma Belle

***Bob Robbins @ Madcats***

Gerry Rafferty-Sleepwalking


Kinks-Celluloid Heroes

***Bob Robbins @ RV Show ‘74***

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