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Tin Can Alley 7-10-21

Williams-Classical Gas

Hollies-Listen to Me

Sam & Dave-Wrap it Up

***Sylvania TVs***

Deep Purple-Hush

Joe South-Walk a Mile in My Shoes

***AMC Hornet/shoulder bag***

Who-Behind Blue Eyes

Ike & Tina Turner-Proud Mary

Creedence Clearwater Revival-Hey Tonight

***KAAY fishing rodeo***

Lighthouse-Sunny Days

Gary Wright-Love is Alive

***Movie-Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid***

Bob Dylan-Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door

Alice Cooper-Muscle of Love

***The Dressing Room/July sale***

Allman Brothers-Crazy Love

Poco-Crazy Love

Romantics-What I Like About You

Hour 2

***Kroger post-4th***


Stephen Bishop-On and On

Leo Sayer-Long Tall Glasses

Elton John-Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

***The Other Center/Twin Cinema grand opening***

Stevie Wonder-I Wish

Boz Scaggs-Hollywood

Kansas-Reason to Be

***PSA-Metric system***

Benatar-Fire & Ice

Utopia-Set Me Free

J. Geils Band-Come Back

***Stevens & Grdnic/Elevator 1980***


Timothy B. Schmidt-So Much in Love

Don Felder-Never Surrender

Styx-Borrowed Time

***Kermit Shafer-China farting***

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