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Tin Can Alley 8-13-22

Donovan-Sunshine Superman

Yardbirds-Over Under Sideways Down

Jefferson Airplane-Crown of Creation

***Ray Davies on the early years***

Kinks-Til the End of the Day

Monkees-Mary Mary

***Metropolitan National Bank/Back to school***

Beatles-She Came in Through the Bathroom Window

Band-Life is a Carnival

Frijid Pink-House of the Rising Sun

***Chevy clearance ’71***

Bread-Let Your Love Go

Gallery-I Believe in Music

Al Green-Call Me

***JC Penney/Diana Ross/Stories***

Diana Ross-Last Time I Saw Him

Jimmy Buffett-Come Monday

Elton John-Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds

George Harrison-If Not for You

Hour 2

***Elvis is dead***

Elvis-Way Down

Chicago-I’ve Been Searching So Long

Grand Funk-Bad Time

Raspberries-Let’s Pretend

America-Woman Tonight

***Madcats-461 Ocean Boulevard***

Eric Clapton-I Shot the Sheriff

Marvin Gaye-Got to Give it Up

***Stonehenge Music***

Bad Company-Rock and Roll Fantasy

Gerry Rafferty-Right Down the Line

Cheap Trick-Voices

Night-Hot Summer Nights

***Concert-Olivia & Billy Joel***

Olivia Newton-John-Sam

Billy Joel-Movin’ Out

ELO-All Over the World

***Firesign #21-Commie martyrs***

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